RSgoldfast - And odd things he finds around OSRS gold

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Now you are at the house, especially the toilet. There are not any guards in here, so ensure that you check from the hallway that OSRS gold there aren't any guards there. When the hallway is clear of guards, exit the door and rush into the closest room, a bedroom. There's 1 guard here, facing the window. Turn run OFF, and walk into the guard. Ensure you don't walk within himor he'll kick you out of the whole location.

Walk right behind him, and assault or pickpocket him. He has 20hp, so try and make a fast kill, or in case you have a good thieving (60+) Pickpocket him. This merchandise is crucial. Put it on, and take all of your additional armor except off your weapon. Exit the area, with run away, into the hallway. Walk beyond any guards into the last room, in the end of the hallway. When no guards are facing you, put on your armor and open the door. The hostage-taker will strike you with range and melee.

He's level 108 with 450HP, which makes it a little struggle to kill. Throughout the struggle, guards can enter the space and strike you. There's a high chance he will summon a High Guard (level-75) to mage you with Rs gold 2107 a rather strong Wind Wave. When he is dead, speak to the Hostage, and climb out the window and then run to the exit, with multiple level 35's ranging you. There can, at times, be up to 20 guards attacking youpersonally, so be cautious and quick. When you exit, you'll be provided a reward: Money, a Rune thing, Runes, or even a Kandarin Shield, equal to Adamant, and will let you get into a location where 3 Hostage Guards are resting, to kill.
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