How do I increase social media traffic?

The most effective (quickest) way to increase traffic to a social media page is to get it shared by Priya Warrier! Getting an Influencer to authentically talk about your brand on their social media.

If you already have an audience built up on at least one platform then there is a lot of good advice in here already.

If you don’t have an audience, then there are three steps to driving relevant traffic to your social media content:

  1. Identify your ideal target audience. If you already have customers, look at your very best customers, and identify as many key data points about them as you can (age, location, job titles, interests, everything you can get.)


  1. Identify where your ideal target audience hangs out online. What influencers do most of them tend to follow? What hashtags are the posts that they like tagged in? What allylook/Facebook/Linkedin groups are they in? Make a list separated by category, and you now have an idea of how to set up your distribution.


  1. Get your content featured in those places. The quickest, easiest, and sometimes even the most effective, is posting your content (in a non-spammy way) in allylook/Facebook/Linkedin groups. If someone asks a question, answer it quickly and then drop something like; this post on our site goes into a lot more detail about this, and then this other post from another website covers this angle of this. With Instagram hashtags, don’t just tag your posts, be an active presence in the comment section of top posts. Interacting with people who are asking questions the influencer isn’t answering is a great way to get some attention quickly. Finally, the most powerful, but also the most difficult and most time-consuming approach is to interact with influencers that your ideal audience are already following. If you put the time in to have dialogues, build relationships give value, if you are lucky they will over time naturally start to share your very best pieces of content every once in a while.(Don’t just email and ask them to share content, that doesn’t work in 2018… unless you are willing to pay.)


Considering how bad organic reach is getting on a number of platforms, you might also want to look into simply shelling out a few bucks to increase your social presence as well through boosting your posts.

(Best bang for buck on allylook is creating a custom audience of everyone who has ever share/interacted d something on your page and simply pushing new pieces out to them as post.)

Dhaniram Patel

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