Madden 22: The complete defense beginner's guide to tips & controls

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In Madden 22, if you want to defend well, you need not only an excellent defensive playbook and players, but more importantly, you need to understand and master many controls and functions to dominate the game. That being said, you need to understand the knowledge, skills, and power needed

In Madden NFL Series games, having a solid defense is an essential factor that can change the victory and defeat of the game. The offense is a necessary tactic for scoring. Still, a strong defense can not only stop the opponent's offense but also force the opponent to make mistakes, allowing you to gain a significant advantage and occupy a particular position on the court. However, in Madden 22, if you want to defend well, you need not only an excellent defensive playbook and players, but more importantly, you need to understand and master many controls and functions to dominate the game. That being said, you need to understand the knowledge, skills, and power needed to defend in the right way in Madden 22. In addition, to gain a greater advantage in the early days of Madden 22, you need to prepare enough Madden 22 coins in advance.

First, understand the basic controls in Madden 22
Before we go over our strategies for playing defense in Madden 22, let's talk about management. Studying the controls is a must. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a game. Let's go over some of the basic Madden 21 controls:

Display Play Art-LT / L2
Player Lock-Left Stick (x2)
Audible Coverage-Y / Triangle
Hot Defense Road-A / X

During the play
Penalty-LT / L2
Defensive assist-LB / L1
Sprint / RT / R2
Striptease Balle-RB / R1
Diving equipment-X / Square
Broken tackle-A / X
Move player-Left stick
Press-A / X + left stick
Hit Stick-Right Stick (up)

Ball in the air
Ball Hawk (Interception)-Y / Triangle
Swat-X / Carré
Reading receiver-A / X
A closer look at defensive controls in Madden 22.

Know the players and control them reasonably
When defending in Madden 22, it is important to know how to use your users, the defensive players you will control during the game. Most Madden 22 players tend to control linebackers or security guards to break and collect passes, but you are free to use any game you feel comfortable with. To select users in Madden 22, press B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation) to switch users.

If you plan to control linebackers or safety, keep an eye on your opponent's wide receiver. If you do this, you will be able to see which receptors are open. Your job is to make sure you cover these receivers so that the opponent's offense does not significantly impact your defense.

A new skill stick can change the game
This year, the developers of Madden 22 introduced a new defense-based skill stick. This new stick is for passers because it is easier to break through the opponent's offensive line. Players can tear (right stick up), bull run (right stick down), stick or swim (right stick or right bar). The passer can also perform a rotational movement by turning the right joystick clockwise or counterclockwise.

So how do you use this new skill stick? A good defense plan is to switch users from time to time. As we mentioned before, most Madden 22 players continue to use linebackers or defensive screens for some time. However, since the new club makes it easier for the opposing linebacker to break through, it may not be harmful to control a shielding linebacker in one game and a defensive linebacker in the next game. Trying to push the opponent away may not be a bad idea. . Not only will this make you more unpredictable, but it can also help you take advantage of weaker offensive linebackers.

Audible when necessary
The beep is an excellent way to get out of trouble for the following reasons. Suppose the attack occurred in a shotgun formation with three wide receivers and one near the end. Unless it is a tie, the offense is likely to be playing a passing game. But what did you perform the blitzkrieg and originally planned to broadcast? It may be good to make a sound outside the room where it is playing and switch to Cover 2 Man or Cover 3 to avoid completing the pass.

To play the sound, press X / Square, and you will be able to call different games according to your current formation. To change the appearance and sound to another playback method, press left or right on the keyboard. You may not need to beep for every defensive game, but it is still important to know that.

Follow the trend
Just like an offensive game, you need to pay close attention to your opponent's game. If your opponent calls different play styles in different low positions, it will be more difficult, but you can stop. However, if you see that opponents like to run in the first game and assist in the second, it will be easier to plan future readers. Why? If you see that your opponent likes to run somewhere, you can respond by calling a running game like a blitz to stop the dead ball carrier.

Paying close attention to these trends can give you a competitive advantage against more sloppy players, so pay attention to them when playing online businesses.

Other recommendations
People and Area Blankets-Understand the difference between people and area cover games. For those who may not be familiar with football, men's coverage means that the defensive player (i.e., cornerback, safety, etc.) is assigned a specific receiver to screen during the game. In area coverage, the defensive player is given an area. The player's job is to cover a particular area of the court. You should know this because some players will want to take advantage of certain parts of the cover. For example, some players will choose short passes to defeat Cover 3 or Cover 4 Zone games.

Looking for speed-If, you plan to use a linebacker or safety guard. You may need to find a fast player to control it, mainly because it moves slightly slower in Madden 21 than Madden 20. Try to target players with high speed and acceleration attributes. If you are playing one-on-one online, check the list and find a team with flexible linebackers and security.