Where Can You Buy Best Reborn Silicone Baby Dolls

Various online stores that provide such full body silicone baby dolls also provide varieties of these dolls like different ethnicities, eye colours etc. Since it is up to the creators to make these dolls look however, they like to, they make fictitious babies too. Like alien babies, werewo

The most important characteristic of reborn silicone baby dolls are the looks. Their realistic life-like appearance is what makes them special and makes them stand apart from all the other normal dolls. The skin of these dolls is made of silicone and that makes it very identical to a real baby’s skin. It almost makes you believe that the doll is real. In fact, the people who own these dolls call themselves parents of these dolls. The creators also pay significant amount of attention to detail while making them so that they are anatomically accurate.

Apart from physical characteristics, these dolls also come with clothes and parents of these dolls like to dress them up in different costumes, wash them, feed them etc. To fulfil these purposes there are clothes and accessories, toys and other things related to these babies available on the internet.

We will actually look at some of the best world reborn dolls available out there on the internet, so that you get a better idea regarding their amazing quality and features!

1. Full Body Silicone Baby Doll Abigail

Full Body Silicone Baby Doll Abigail
  • Artist: Elena Andreeva
  • Size: 20″ (Weight: 9 Pounds)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Hair Color: Brown

Abigail is the sweet name of this reborn baby girl doll. She is very cute, and her body is completely made up of high-quality, super soft eco-flex 20 silicone.

The doll has been handcrafted precisely, giving her a lot of incredibly lifelike details like hand-rooted eyebrows and eyelashes, little veins, capillaries, blushing in all the little rolls and creases, and little finger and toe nails.

Abigail’s head is totally micro rooted with Premium mohair of two colors (brown and baby brown). Each hole contains a single hair that allows you to have hair easy to comb. Her hair is very soft and fine, just like real baby hair.

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