The code below can be redeemed through the xtras?

The code below can be redeemed through the xtras?

While the Nitro Circus team and Pysonix brought Rocket League into the real world, players can bring some Nitro Circus back into their game by unlocking some Nitro Circus-themed customization items. All it the items require is a special code which, when entered, will grant players access to a Nitro Circus flag and a unique decal for the Breakout vehicle. The code below can be redeemed through the xtras?menu in Rocket League where players will find an option to redeem it.

Nitro Circus has fun in the real world, we bringing them into Rocket League as well! Use the code in Rocket League to unlock a FREE Circus?Flag as well as a Decal for Breakout!?
People asked about the possibility of getting Nitro Circus content in Rocket League when the partnership was first announced, and it looks like that was part of the plan from the is part of a larger series called ocket League IRL,?Psyonix said in a post on its blog. The video is the first of several that feature the Nitro Circus team bringing viewers more real-life Rocket League action.

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