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Turn on your subtitles on Amazon Prime and get a more refined experience with it's viewing content. To do that follow the given steps and enjoy.

Amazon Prime membership opens up an entire world of possibilities. Free shipping, free one-day and two-day delivery (depending on eligibility), Prime Video, Amazon Music, and much more. Today's world of entertainment has taken a flight to new heights and Amazon Prime has contributed a huge share to it. And to provide better experience subtitles on Amazon Prime were added.

There are times when certain video content come in many different languages that we don't understand. Subtitles make it easier for us to understand the content and it lets us connect with the characters and their stories. And it just magnifies the amazing experience we get with Amazon's over-the-top streaming service. Let's see how to turn it on for your journey with Amazon Prime.


Amazon Prime lets you access all its video content on multiple electronic devices, be it your Smartphone, your computer, or your smart TV. Let's take a look at how you can turn on the subtitles on Amazon Prime:

On Computers

  1. Use the link to sign in to your account.
  2. Move towards Prime Video and play a movie or show you want to watch.
  3. Go to the speech bubble icon.
  4. Choose one language and your subtitles are on.

On Smart phones

  1. Open the Prime Video App
  2. Start your viewing content.
  3. Go to the speech bubble icon.
  4. Select one language and your subtitles have been turned on.

On Smart TVs

  1. Open the app on your TV.
  2. Start playing the movie or show.
  3. Go to the "CC" icon via the playback menu.
  4. Select the language.


  • They are usually available in English for certain video content.
  • Enter Amazon my TV code at the time of account activation on your smart streaming device.
  • If there's no "CC" icon, subtitles aren't available.


Amazon Prime has contributed and flourished in the entertainment section with movies, TV shows, documentaries, premium original video content and so much more. It offers content in several different languages and sometimes you find yourself wanting a better understanding of the shows or simply watching it without sound for some reason. This is where subtitles on Amazon Prime comes to the picture. Go through the steps above and turn on your subtitles.