Terms of Use

Welcome to allylook.com, the Social Media for future generations:! These Terms are the guidelines for using allylook.com and its offered services. products, features, apps, technologies, and software. Our mission is to open a new social media for the future generations and provide them the opportunities to bring the world into their own fingertips. They will get and connect the people of the in seconds, learn anything from the world of knowledge, disseminate and exchange the information, personal and business, e-commerce, online stores, and shopping, secured financial transactions, secured photos, documents and all postings and sharing of postings, messages, documents, photos, audios, videos chatting, as well as conference calls and video meetings, read news, do research and survey and many more features. The users of allylook.com may have unique experience in using our services, products, and features. allylook.com is a user-friendly platform for the millions of people of today and for the future generations for creating posts for stories, events, ads, and other contents, News Feed videos, audio/video chats, online shopping, marketing, and searches. The users make connections with the world and share their ideas, choices, happiness, sorrows, discoveries, and inventions. And thus personalize the experience of each and every user. Our Services, products, and features will be developed continuously and consistently. As such, the Terms of Services may be modified from time to time, as we feel required and essentials. We may cancel permanently or keep in pending status temporarily for opening the Services and any features to any users. We may hold the right to limit the use and storage when we feel necessary at any time. We may also remove or refuse to distribute any Content and suspend or terminate any users without any prejudice. This is only partial Terms.